About Thriving Learners Co.

Students need a safe + fun environment to build their relationship and confidence around academics.

Our educators are student-centered, prioritizing the emotional wellness of the child so they have the security to open up, take risks, and master skills that feel challenging.


Supportive Relationship


Explicit Instruction


Executive Functioning Strategies


Progress Monitoring



Our Educators

Emma Greenbaum

EM-muh GREEN-bom


Alexshea Conn

AL-ex-shay CON


Cara Sennott

Chelsea File

Devika Banerjee

Elizabeth Sather

EE-liz-uh-beth SAY-ther

Jenifer Chávez Ramírez

Jeryn Warren

JAYR-en WOR-ren

Katelyn O’Donnell

Katrina Smith

Lana Bakour

LAW-nuh bah-KOOR

Leah Kohan

LAY-uh KO-han

Lilly Sarna

Liza DeWitt

Nicole Ricci

Rachel Windler

RAY-chul WIND-ler

Thea Sigal

TAY-uh SEE-gul

Zoe Rafferty

Each of our educators utilizes explicit instruction.

We explain, demonstrate and model everything: from blending sounds together to decoding words, writing a complex sentence with figurative language, to mathematical strategies.

About our services

In Home Sessions

Face-to-face instruction, in your home, gives your student the level of multisensory engagement needed.

Virtual Sessions

Individual instruction online provides your student with the flexibility to receive high quality academic intervention.


With our highly trained educators, families can feel confident their student will receive quality instruction in all academic areas above and beyond the California State Standards.

Summer Camps

Our small group summer camps are a fun and stimulating academic experience for your child.

Professional Development

With years of experience, education, and specific training around learning and literacy our TLC team would be happy to support you.

Camp Thrive!
Summer Success Camps

Avoid the summer slide and sharpen your child’s academic skills with our expert learning specialists!